About us

iDevTeam Software House

About us

Company iDevTeam is a Software House founded in 2014 by Krzysztof Kaliński. Since then we have created many applications, systems, websites and eCommerce solutions for our Clients. Our base of operation is located in Warsaw/Poland.

We are a team of people with great passion for what we do and combined with our vast experience we are ready to give shape to Your ideas anywhere in the world.

Professionalism and reliability at every step of project lifecycle

Where we are?

We are located in Warsaw, capital city of Poland.


We meet with our clients in various places in Warsaw. We discuss projects, budgets and ideas. Let's meet!


Every project is different and unique, we always create a team which helps it to be a success.


Time is money. We value your time and we do our best to meet deadlines and put you one step ahead of competition.


We have been trusted by many companies and institutions.
Krzysztof Kaliński

Krzysztof Kaliński